Gift of Nature

We believe that Merino yarn is a special gift from nature. A natural gift for yarn lovers to create exquisite dyed yarns that are beautiful and captivating. Whether you dye for personal or business purposes, it is our mission to provide high-quality undyed yarn that you will love.

Why We Started

The increased love for yarn dyeing in North America inspired us to start our brand. As yarn lovers, we couldn’t resist admiring the beautifully dyed yarn made by other enthusiasts. We established our brand to empower yarn enthusiasts with high-quality, undyed yarns at competitive prices.

About Our Yarn

Our merino wool is sourced from Australia and have strong dyeing results. We have been in hand knitting yarn business for more than 30 years, and our experience in this business helps us provide the best for yarn creatives. Check out our collections; we’re sure you’ll find the perfect bare yarns for your hand dyeing project.

Ethical Commitment

We strongly support animal welfare and focus on natural fiber products. We monitor the manufacturing process, from sourcing the raw fibers to the finished products, to ensure that our products are clean and safe for the environment.

Create Your Colors

We like to call ourselves “yarn addicts,” and we are glad to share our passion with many creative individuals like you. Our team is always here to support you, whether you are a dyer, crocheter, knitter. We want you to be satisfied with our products and have an easy shopping experience. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need help.

We hope you have fun turning our undyed natural color yarns into beautiful art.